Thursday, July 2, 2015

Veering Off and Re-Organizing

I have many posts sitting in my draft folder because I have veered off in many different directions than I wanted to go with this blog. Sometimes I feel as though I have ADD, the way my mind races in so many fragmented directions-ha!

As we finished up the last couple days in Maryland and have gotten re-settled into our day to day lives, there has been a lot of processing going on for me. I have found that I have been able to release some anxiety through writing of the information and changes that we are in the process of making. Originally I intended to keep this blog solely for sharing the progress and events of our visit to The Floortime Center, how Jenna was doing with Floortime and for sharing what we learned with those close to Jenna. I do wish to continue in this way. I am posting a couple threads that include my veering off into my thoughts on the "BIG" picture though.

I guess if nothing else, this random back and forth nature is a reflection of what it is like to receive so much information and figuring out how to best apply it all...all the while being mom to twins, wife, home owner, teacher planning for a new school year (this is an exciting part of the school year for me), and ME.

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